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It really doesn't get any easier. The app is so intuitive to use."

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James Michael: white hair with a dark suit and arms folded, smiling
“It really doesn't get any easier. The app is so intuitive to use. We love it!”
James Michael
Recruiter & entrepeneur
Michele Gennoe: Blonde hair wearing blue suit, smiles
“With Brivvio I reduced post production time down by 90%. I highly recommend Brivvio!”
Michele Gennoe
On Purpose Transformation
Awais Bhattee clasps hands together and smiles
“This is the future of video blogging. Getting my hands on this as soon as I can!”
Awais Bhatttee
Vlogger, digital marketeer & entrepreneur

Why use Brivvio?

Videos with you speaking create more empathy than any other medium. Empathy creates Trust, and Trust is the backbone of marketing, sales and good communication. Brivvio lets you can create professional videos in seconds.
Without branding on your videos, you're losing brand awareness. Brivvio adds your branding to your video in seconds, to boost your brand recognition.
Without captions on your videos, you miss out on 90% of your audience that watch with the sound off. Brivvio automatically adds captions to your videos in under a minute, to give your videos 10x more reach.
Unless your videos are formatted correctly (landscape, square or vertical), they underperform on different media platforms. With Brivvio you can correctly format your videos in one tap.
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How to use Brivvio

Record or import your video message.Vertical, horizontal and square video formats are all supported.
Playback with your branding applied instantly. Customise your logo, colour palette, video title, lower third banner, call to action, headline, watermark and disclaimer.
Add captions automatically in seconds. Easily edit captions if required.
Send your video anywhere! Social media channels, digital workspaces, messenger apps, SMS, airdrop, or save to your cloud.

Who is Brivvio for?

Brivvio is perfect for professional individuals and teams who are: self-promoters, speakers, influencers, brand ambassadors, leaders, communicators and educators.
Be Brave... Tell your story, boost your brand, promote your cause and share your vision.
Great for fast, frequent publishing of professional videos to get higher engagement across all social media channels, websites and digital media marketing.
A powerful way to increase empathy and trust with your prospects and leads. A powerful follow up tool for sales and business development.
Communicate better with your existing customers, stakeholder engagement, investor relations and delivering better customer support.

Demo of using Brivvio

Watch a 6 minute demo video of Brivvio in action


Pricing is in Australian Dollars.


  • Unlimited HD Videos
  • 1 user only
  • Custom Video Branding
  • Brivvio Watermark
  • Online Knowledgebase


per month (ex GST)
  • Unlimited HD Videos
  • 1 user
  • 3 brand presets
  • Custom Video Branding
  • Your Brand Watermark
  • Automatic Captions
  • Online Knowledgebase & Email Support


per team user / month (ex GST)
  • Unlimited HD Videos
  • Add unlimited team users
  • 5 brand presets
  • Custom Video Branding
  • Your Brand Watermark
  • Automatic Captions
  • Team Admin Web Dashboard
  • Online Knowledgebase & Email Support
  • Team Brand Consistency Controls
  • Add Video Disclaimers
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Frequently Asked Questions
Is there a free trial so that I can make sure Brivvio is right for me?
Do I need to give you my credit card details to get a free trial?
Can I cancel my subscription at any time?
Do you have a money-back guarantee?
What devices can Brivvio be used on?
Can I share my video to Apps not supported by Brivvio?
I am not tech-savvy. Will Brivvio be too technical for me or my team to use?

What are people saying about Brivvio?

"I am a massive fan of Brivvio, which is a mobile video app with support for captions.

I’ve tried loads of tools, and for a mobile workflow, this is the best one I’ve come across.

It’s easy to use, doesn’t try to do too much, the captions are super-accurate, because of the way that they’re processed.

And it let’s you enforce consistency on your videos because you can set up a standard opening and closing screen.

And I love that, it means that there’s a one time effort to set it up and then after that every video that you create kind of takes care of itself.

So it’s really clever. The developers are super responsive, they’ve got plans to improve the software, but it’s already really, really good.

So a big thumbs up from me. I hope you enjoy using it. Cheers."
John Espirian - Linkedin influencer and prolific video content creator.
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