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Professional social video simplified.

The new way to make your videos look polished and professional - without the hassle.

Lightning fast & mobile

Record and publish content to your audience quickly and intuitively. Let your message stand out. Do it in seconds, from anywhere.

Personalise your branding

Add your logo, watermark, colours, video title, name banner and call to action. Set up once, use forever. Instant and effortless.

Intuitive interface

Brivvio's intuitive interface makes creating, customising and sharing your videos a snap. No learning curve. Anyone can use it.


Automatic captions

80% of social videos are watched with the volume down. Increase your potential audience reach by adding automatically generated captions.

Zero post-production

Brivvio’s innovative technology means video editing is a thing of the past. No more waiting, no more hassle. Just record and publish.

Record in any format

Brivvio lets you film in portrait and landscape formats. Your branding is automatically adjusted to match. Easy!

Share anywhere

Post your videos directly to social media. Save to your phone gallery, export to Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud drive and others. Send via Facebook Messenger, Slack, SMS and Apple Airdrop and more.

Thought Leaders + Influencers
Speakers + Educators
Vloggers + Journalists
Marketers + Communicators
Events + Campaigners

Brivvio is made for you!

How Brivvio Works

Built for individuals & organisations.

Brivvio works for you, no matter your scale and type of organisation.
Consistent, reliable, instant video branding, for teams and campaigns.









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Kind words from our customers

This is the future of vlogging and looking forward to getting my hands on the app as soon as I can!

Awais Bhatttee
Vlogger, marketeer & entrepreneur

Great product, with great support. It really doesn't get any easier. The app is so intuitive to use. We love it!

James Michael
Recruiter & entrepeneur

Since I have started using Brivvio I have brought my post production time down a 1/10th. The best thing I like about Brivvio is the customer service. The friendly team have been amazing. I highly recommend the App.

Michele Gennoe
On Purpose Transformation


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