Texture Settings

As well as the colour, you can also change the texture of your branding. The texture will appear on the background of all brand elements. There are a range of premade textures available for use on the app, but you can also use an image file saved on your phone or a cloud app.

To add a texture to your branding, tap the video settings icon at the top of the screen.

Scroll to brand settings. Tap the texture setting. You can choose to add a texture from your files, photo reel or from Brivvio's library of textures. If you select files or photo reel, find the saved image you wish to use as a texture and select it. That image will now be used as a background texture for your branding. If you select Brivvio Library, a selection of textures will be displayed on screen. Tap on the image you want to use as your texture and it will be applied to your branding.

You can also add a colour overlay to your texture. Adjusting the background colour in brand settings will also change the colour of the texture. If you want your texture to have no change in colour, make sure your background colour is white.