How Do I Delete A Video

Your most recently recorded video is stored in the application data on your iPhone. If you delete the Brivvio app, that video will be deleted.

Currently, only the most recent recording is stored in the app (and only on your phone). Each time you record a new video in Brivvio, the previous recording is deleted. If you want to save a video to your camera roll, export it first so it isn’t deleted by your next recording. If you want to delete your previous recording, simply film another video and it will replace it.

If it would be useful to you to have access to more than just one past recording in Brivvio, we'd like to hear from you. Please let us know by sending a message via this help support area, or via email at

After you export a video from Brivvio you can post it directly to social media or save it to your phone’s photo gallery, drop-box or google drive (if you have them connected).

If you have saved a video from Brivvio and want to delete it, simply go into your camera roll and delete the video. If you have exported the video to another destination (such as Facebook) you will need to follow the deletion instructions of the destination that you exported it to.