Can I Send My Video From Brivvio?


You can send a video via SMS. However, SMS has a limit on file size - usually videos over around 30 seconds long are too large to send via SMS.

Via Email

You can send videos via email but usually not as an attachment. Email usually has a limit to the attachment file size of 10MB. This depends on your and the recipient's service providers, and you and the recipient may have different limits. 10MB is not sufficient for most videos that Brivvio creates. So to send a video by email, we recommend to save the video to Dropbox, Google Drive or iCloud, One-drive, or your preferred cloud file-storage, and then email a link to the video. All cloud file-storage platforms let you create a sharable link that you can email to people, without actually emailing the file as an attachment.

Other ways to share your video...

When you go to export a video there are a number of options, including saving the video to your phone's photo-gallery, iCloud, dropbox, and posting on social media (such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others).

Via Apple Airdrop

On iOS, you also can export your video via Apple Airdrop to any computer that your phone is currently connected to via Apple Airdrop.

Keeping a copy...

We also recommend that you save each completed video to your phone gallery. That way you can keep a copy of it for later, and use it to send it to multiple destinations.