Can I Hide Some Of The Branding Elements In My Video?

You can hide/show each of the main branding features in Brivvio; the video title, banner, headline, call to action and watermark. To hide the watermark you need a paid subscription to Brivvio Personal.

To hide or show the video title, banner or call to action, there is a toggle switch at the top of each section in the settings. You can unhide (show) these elements any time by flipping the toggle switches back on. 

To hide the watermark, select the 3rd option 'None' in the watermark section.

How do I add my brand colours?

You can add your own brand colours to your overlay in Brivvio by using your hex-code. The hex-code is a six digit code that generates a colour (for example #F15A24 is Brivvio orange).

Every colour has a hex-code, including your brand's custom colours. You can change the hex-code of the Background Colour and Text Colour. To change colours, open the Settings by touching the button in the top right corner of the screen. 

Scroll down to your Brand Settings. There will be an option to change the background colour and text colour. select whichever colour option you wish to change. There will be a list of preset colours and an option to enter your hex code. 

If you already know the hex-code for your brand colours, simply enter the code and it will update your brand overlay to that colour.

If you don't know the hex code of your brand colour, you can find it online or select one of the colours from Brivvio's list of preset colours. An example of where to enter the hex-code can be seen below.

Settings page with highlighted "background colour" setting