Banner Settings

The Banner is an animated bar that slides out over the first 8 seconds of your video in the lower third area. You can use it to tell your audience who is speaking.

In the Banner Settings, you can:

Toggle the entire Banner Sequence on/off.

Edit the text of your Banner.

Change the style of the Banner from sharp to rounded.

(The Presenter Name goes above the Presenter Title and is slightly larger in size).

Tip: You can use the text fields for anything you like - not just name and title.

To change the banner settings, tap the video settings icon at the top of the screen

Look at the banner category just underneath the video title category. Tap on each setting to make any changes. Once you are happy with your changes, tap done and they will appear in your branding. These settings will also be saved and re-used if you make a new video. If you want to make any additional changes, return to the settings and update as needed.