What is Video Branding?

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Video branding is one of the best ways to communicate your message, product or even yourself. Strong video branding can consistently trigger specific emotions every time a video is watched. This article will explore what video branding is, why it’s effective and the best strategies you can use to implement video branding in your videos.

So what is video branding?

Really it’s any feature of your video that reflects the core of your brand. This means your brand can be reflected in many different video elements like animations, images and people that appear in your video. If your video presents certain themes, messages and motifs, then this can even be considered video branding as well as it is still promoting what your organisation stands for in a memorable way. All of these features should have the purpose of promoting brand awareness, creating sales and distinguishing your brand from the competition.

Do your videos follow the same theme, do they include the same person or selection of people? Are they about similar topics? Do they look and feel similar to each other? All these components are part of your branding. Finding the right combination of all of these elements will make your videos - and your brand - stand out from all the others.

Consistency is another key feature of video branding. Your colours, logo, slogans and the messages conveyed through your content all convey thoughts, feelings and actions. Keeping these elements the same in every video will remind the viewer of those emotions they feel and trigger them consistently.

Using a combination of visually appealing images, animations and sounds in combination with an emotionally engaging theme that matches the values of your business creates high quality video branding. Keeping these elements consistent is also critical. Once you have a working combination of elements, keep them similar and your viewers will learn to associate those emotional triggers with your brand.

A Tip For High Quality Video Branding

If you want to add visual elements into your video branding, but don’t have the knowledge and time to do it yourself, or the money to hire someone to make it for you, try Brivvio. Brivvio incorporates intro, outro, watermarks and custom brand logos and colours into any video in seconds. There is no video editing and you can add video branding for free. If you want to find out more, click here. Or if you want to start using Brivvio, download from the app store now.

Creating Your Own Video Branding

Coming up with highly optimised video branding can be a highly complex and time-consuming process. To simplify the process, we have three basic tips to get started. Once you have a basic set-up, you can modify it incrementally to boost its effectiveness.

1. Establish a brand goal

What does your business do? What emotions do you want it to trigger in your viewers? Establish what you want your videos to do and how they will affect your audience. It is important to set a simple brand goal so your viewers aren’t confused by what your branding is communicating about your business.

2. Content Ideas

Consider your brand goal. What kind of content will present the message consistent with your brand. If you want to learn more about coming up with video content, check out this article here.

3. Graphical Brand Elements

Once you have some video content created, incorporate the visual and audio elements of your brand into your video. This includes adding your logo and brand colours. A good way to implement these elements is through an introductory animation, a logo watermark and then a call to action at the end of the video. This ensures your brand is consistently present alongside the content, allowing the viewer to associate your style of content with your brand.

The Brivvio app can instantly incorporate all these visual branding elements in a simple and effective design. If you want to check out branded videos created with Brivvio, click here.

In summary the key takeaway is that video branding consists of all the elements within a video - graphical, content and the theme - and all these elements should trigger an emotion that is consistent across all videos.

If you want to find out how Brivvio can add branding to your video automatically, click here. Or if you want to try it for yourself, download it for free from the app store.

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