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Add Video call to action in seconds.

Brivvio adds a call to action at the end of your video automatically. No post production required. Customise the call to action until you’re happy with it, then save it. Every video will have a powerful call to action ready to go.


An animated call to action is instantly created at the end of your video.


Customise the text, logo and colours and background to match your branding. Add your URL to drive engagement.


Brivvio Plus users can automatically include their own custom disclaimer on every video. Complying with regulatory or legal compliance couldn't be easier.


Your call to action settings are automatically saved to be applied to your the next video, instantly.

How to add a call to action to your video

Record or import your video in Brivvio. Your call to action is added automatically after this step.
Tap the settings button and edit the call to action settings.
Add your logo, customise your brand colours and add your call to action text and website URL.

Why add a call to action?

Videos are great for getting the attention of your audience. If you want to convert video watches into actions (visiting a website, making a purchase, subscribing to an email list), you need to include instructions for a follow-up action in your video. Adding a single CTA to a video generates as much as 380% more click-through than a call to action on the sidebar of the same page. Call to actions within a video can be a highly effective way of converting audience views into real actions and engagement.
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