Phone screen showing woman smiling. An orange arrow points to circled watermark at the top right of the phone screen.

Watermark a video instantly

Brivvio instantly adds your logo as a non-intrusive watermark in the corner of your video. No post production or expensive video editing software required.


Enable a watermark at any time so the video is recognised as your intellectual property.


Your audience will see your logo stamped into the corner of every video you create.


Your watermark is automatically placed in the best position and scale for optimal visibility in all major social media platforms.


Your logo is saved and added as a watermark to any new video you record or import in the Brivvio app. Setup once and never worry about it again.

How to add a watermark

Record your own video, or import a video into the Brivvio app. Tap to change the format of your video between portrait, landscape, square and 4:5.
Tap the settings menu and edit to watermark settings.
Import your logo watermark.
Import your logo in the branding settings, to be used as your watermark.

Why add a watermark?

Having a watermark on your video will protect it from video theft. However, a watermark on the screen also reminds viewers of your brand. Overall, it’s a highly positive influence on your video and - with Brivvio - can be added with little effort.
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