Hand holding phone showing Brivvio's animated video title

Add an animated video title to any video automatically

Automatically add an animated title to the start of your video. Customise it to your liking without ever touching a video editor.


After you finish recording or have importing a video, an animated title is added to your video automatically.


Add a range of branding essentials including your logo, title text, subtitle, presenter name and presenter title.


Change the colour, font and background of the intro title.


Your video title applies to all new videos automatically. Setup once and re-use over and over instantly.

How to add a Video Title

Record your own video, or import a video into the Brivvio app. Tap to change the format of your video between portrait, landscape, square and 4:5.
Tap to edit your video title settings. Import your own logo, edit the title text, and modify the colours to match your brand.
Your video title is instantly applied. You can playback and export or share your titled video immediately. No rendering or waiting needed.

Why Add a Video Title?

Video intros catch the eye of the user. They can help establish what your video is about so the viewer knows what to expect. A consistent video intro can also help with brand retention.
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