Purple arrow pointing to circled headline on a phone screen of man recording himself

Add a video headline instantly

Automatically add a video headline to the top of your video. Customise the video headline to your liking without an expensive video editor.


Toggle your video headline on/off, at the tap of a button.


Modify the colours, text, font and background to suit your branding and message.


Brivvio automatically fits the headline into your video with the best layout for your video. You don't need to place or edit any graphics.


Your headline preset is automatically saved so you can apply for the next video.

How to add a headline

Record your own video, or import a video into the Brivvio app. Tap to change the format of your video between portrait, landscape, square and 4:5.
Tap the settings button at the top screen and toggle on your headline. Tap to add it.
Export, share or send your video with headlines straight away, in seconds.

Why add a headline?

Video headlines are an eye-catching way to include marketing copy in your video. It is often the first thing the user sees when they look at a video. A good headline can be the difference between a user skipping the video and watching the full way through. The idea for video headlines originates in newspapers, where every article has a headline to draw in the reader.
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