Two hands holding phone horizontally. Phone screen shows man wearing fedora and glasses speaking to camera with captions underneath him.

Add captions to video automatically

Brivvio adds captions to video automatically without any video editing. Brivvio’s automatic transcriber generates high quality captions based on what you say that display at the bottom of your video.

Highly Accurate

Automatically generate best in class, highly accurate captions (90-95%) in two taps. Includes automatic capitalisation and punctuation.


Brivvio bakes your captions into your video for you. This means there is no need to deal with complicated SRT and other files.


Brivvio breaks your captions into lines to match on your speech patterns. They sit neatly at the bottom of the video and are automatically placed and scaled to suit your video format.


Change any of the text in captions as you go and instantly see your changes in the video. Split or merge caption lines and adjust to suit your message. Edit the caption background to be transparent or solid for added visibility.

How to add captions

Tap the captions button to generate captions for a video that you have recorded in or imported into the Brivvio app. Wait only 20-30 seconds for the captions to be generated from the speech in your video and automatically applied.
Review and edit
Playback or scrub through your video and see your captions on the video. Easily make corrections or edits if necessary using Brivvio's intuitive captions text editor. Join or split caption lines to adjust how they appear. Adjust the transparency of the background behind your captions to suit your style.
Export, save or share your video with captions baked in. No need to upload SRT files. Your videos will have baked in captions wherever they are viewed.

Why add captions?

9 out of 10 views of your videos will happen with the sound off. They will skip past videos that don't have captions. Adding captions can greatly improve engagement rates and make your video more accessible to everyone.
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