The Quick Guide To Making Powerful Video Testimonials

Video testimonials are a powerful addition to your marketing and are something you should add immediately. 

They provide a way for your customers to communicate the emotions and experience they felt from your product or service. It also provides your prospects with shareable social proof which increases your conversion and reputation. 

For the best results, video testimonials should contain a few elements

Proper Selection

An element often overlooked with testimonials is selecting the right person to put in front of the camera. Your testimonial should come from a customer who looks like somebody in your target audience that future prospects can relate to or aspire to be like. However, if you are struggling to find somebody who fits that criteria, any positive social proof is better than none.

Open-ended Questions

In a testimonial, you will want your customer to provide as much positive feedback as possible. If you are asking them yes or no questions like “did the product help you?” it gives the audience member an opportunity to reply only with a yes or no. Instead, open-ended questions like “what do you like most about the product?”, “Why do you prefer our product over competitors” or “what would you say to someone who’s interested in purchasing the product?” allow the audience member to give a full testimonial, providing a high quality review you can post online.

Authentic Setting

For optimal results, it’s important to keep the testimonial as authentic as possible. Having a natural conversation which is recorded on a phone can be more effective than a high-production video with lots of editing because it makes the testimonial appear more trustworthy and real. Finding a fitting location with good natural lighting and recording on your phone can make powerful testimonials without the cost of high-production video. 

For the finishing touches on the video, use Brivvio to add the name of the person giving the testimonial inside the video, an intro at the start so the viewer knows what you’re talking about, and a call to action at the end of the video which tells the viewer what to do next. If you’re posting to social media, Brivvio’s automatic captions allow you to capture viewers on social media using silent video. All of these features are added straight after recording. No editing is required, keeping your testimonial looking both authentic and professional. To make your testimonials, use Brivvio and make instantly branded videos for free.