How to Add a Call to Action to Your Video

The call to action is essential in getting an audience to act. But if you don’t know how to craft a good call to action, then your video could be a waste of time. This article shows you how.

A good call to action should be able to do two things, persuade the viewer to take further action, and direct the viewer on what that action should be. Typically videos provide a verbal call to action where the speaker asks the viewer to share, comment or like. But many videos don’t feature a visual call to action like an outro image.

A combination of both a visual and verbal call to action is a much more powerful method of getting your audience to take the next step.

There are three key elements that must be included within a visual call to action.


It is important to give your audience a clear and easy action to take after watching your video. However, it is important to provide a specific action they should perform and make it as easy as possible to follow. A possible call to action could be “download the free 5 step guide, or “call now and get a one minute quote”


The destination is where the viewer will go to perform the action you want them to take. This could be a link, a phone number or even a physical location. Whatever you destination is, it should make the process of doing your action as quick and easy as possible. It is also important the destination is trustworthy. Short web links and local phone numbers will make your call to action more reliable.


The brand is everything the viewer will see and hear at the end of the video that they will associate with you, your business or organisation. This includes any catch phrases you say at the end of your video, to the logo you use on your visual outro. A call to action with a consistent and eye-catching brand will be more likely to get the viewer’s to take action. If your viewer does take action, having branding in your video that is consistent with your website will also make them feel safer when moving from a video to another web destination.

In the past, many video makers have shied away from a visual call to action because it can be difficult to edit and implement after the video has been recorded. Typically, it would take hours learning and even more hours implementing to get it right. Or it can be expensive to get it done by a professional. But Brivvio makes the call to action easy.

With Brivvio, you can have a powerful call to action created in moments. The call to action is added to your video the moment you finish recording, instantly. Zero post-production. And you can easily personlise the text, colours and your brand logo and the call to action is ready to go. All your settings are remembered for the next video you create. It couldn’t be easier.