How Journalists Create Leading News Videos for Social Media

Most of us now get our news online through video news, but with lots of competition in the news industry, it's important that journalists have the best advantage. This article will help you get the advantage you need.

With video news transitioning across to social media platforms, much research has been performed to discover which types of video news works best for which social media platforms, as well as what topics perform best. When it comes to video news, the University of Oxford performed a study to see which types of videos work best for the major social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) [1]. The results are very interesting and provide journalists a way to optimise what types of content they post on each social media platform to get the best engagement.


According to the results of the study, the best performing news videos are short (around 2 minute) explanatory video - a short, in-depth video on a particular news story. Furthermore, because 85% of Facebook users listen to explanatory videos on mute, publishers have been emphasising the effectiveness of captions and subtitles. Brivvio automatically generates captions to your news story with the tap of a button. It makes them easy to edit should you need to.


While explanatory style videos are also commonly used on Instagram, video testimonies - personal stories that illustrate wider social trends - are more popular on Instagram compared to any other platform. These videos fit the short-video format of Instagram particularly well and often involve a single person speaking directly into the camera. Brivvio allows journalists to record branded testimonies from their phone. As soon as the video is finished recording, the news company’s branding is instantly applied and captions are automatically generated. This means that journalists who use Brivvio will have stories published faster than any other journalist, putting them on the leading edge of the news cycle at all times.


Twitter is often used to post breaking news. Because of this, it has the highest amount of raw video content (unedited videos on news stories) compared to any other social media platform. Raw videos are used to get out a story as soon as it breaks. Similar to testimonies, Brivvio allows you to add branding and captions to stories instantly, meaning it is perfect for getting the edge on breaking news stories over any other journalist. Play with Brivvio for free to see the results for yourself.

Based on the results from the University of Oxford’s study on video news in social media, these video formats are the most common and effective videos for these three social media platforms. Each one is different and serves a different purpose, but Brivvio provides a way to get a cutting edge across each of these platforms. It is free to download and videos are ready in seconds. Play with Brivvio for free and see the results for yourself.