5 Keys For Impactful Public Speaking Video Clips

Video is the future of public speaking; incorporating it will make you stand out as a public speaker. Providing a short clip on a great moment from one of your speeches is a simple, but incredibly powerful video you can post quickly.

A small clip from within a speech is direct evidence of what an event organiser can expect to see within a speech. Additionally, short videos can be a great way to expand your social media following when you say something that is useful, insightful and reverberates with your viewers. When picking what part of your speech to clip and post online, it is important to consider a  few elements.

1. An Independent Insight

When selecting parts of your speech to clip, it’s important to make sure the idea you are conveying in your clip doesn’t require any other context from your speech. It is an idea that stands on its own. If the idea requires the viewer to have heard the past 20 minutes of your speech, it won’t be a useful video. Diagrams, allegory or quotable one-liners are great for clipping and posting online.

2. A discussable idea

Ideas which create an open conversation excel on social media. They give viewers an opportunity to comment and provide their own opinions, insights and experiences. Posting discussable ideas boosts traffic and engagement, and also allows you to engage with your community.

3. Emotional Triggers

It is important that your videos are capturing the parts of your speech that trigger powerful emotions in your audience, whether that be inspiration, hope or even fear. These moments provide better value, shareable content for viewers online.

4. Include Captions

Including captions allows you to capture the 85% of social media viewers who watch videos on silent mode. Using the Brivvio app,  you can automatically create and edit captions at the tap of a button. The process is so quick you can have your fully captioned video up and running in moments.

5. Finalise With Branding

Adding a branded intro and outro increases the overall quality and professional look and feel of the video, but it also has other benefits. 95% of your audience only watch the first three seconds of your video. 

Branded intro titles allow you to establish exactly what you are discussing with your audience in the first three seconds, generating brand awareness without the viewer watching the full clip. 

An outro provides a call to action at the end of the video, which can engage viewers with your content and get event organisers attention - even possibly make contact.

Brivvio automatically adds branded intros, outros, and a presenter title as soon as you finish recording. Play with Brivvio for free to add all of these branding features in moments.

Speaker video clips can be a highly effective way of improving your exposure on social media and generating more leads with event organisers. Brivvio can drastically improve the effectiveness of your speaker video clips with added branding. It takes moments to set up and is free. Download the app and see the results for yourself.